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I had a great experience with Susan. She was my doula in July 2017 and she also helped me post-birth and a night nanny once or twice a week as well as during the day about once a week. I'm a single mom so needed all the help I could get.


She was great at helping me organize my birth team by asking the right questions to get us to decide who was doing what (and when) and by helping me decide what I did and didn't want for the birth. I particularly valued her support during my first induced labour (I had two... seriously had no idea that could happen). Having someone to bounce ideas off helped me think through calling it quits the first time, which absolutely the right thing to do. 


Afterwards, it was great to have someone I trusted with the wee one so I could catch a break. Susan is super organized and straight forward about her time, so I know when she commits to a time - she's there.

Emma Young

My husband and I had no idea on what to expect during our first pregnancy and considered hiring a doula to help with the process. A friend recommended Susan and we are so glad we chose her to be a part of our journey!


From the get-go, Susan made sure I felt comfortable with her and being available whenever I had any questions. She was extremely patient in explaining the different options available to me which was very useful in getting an unbiased holistic perspective about the whole process. When I was instructed by my doctor to get an induction, Susan was very helpful in walking me through what was going to happen and made sure I was aware of my options so that I could make an informed decision. When I went into labour late in the night, she was there beside me the whole time making sure I was able to get through the contractions with positive reinforcement and trying out different positions.


We also had her come over for a post-partum visit where I was able to get questions answered not only about my recovery but also about lactation. She definitely made the whole process better by easing my anxiety and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Komala and Gokul

Contact information for refrences available upon request.

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