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Journey Through Childbirth


As a professional Birth and Postpartum Doula, I work with the expectant parents as they travel the journey through pregnancy, childbirth and into parenthood.  I work with your birth decisions as a foundation and help guide you.  

My philosophy is that the doula role is to encourage, support, listen, and release the tension and stress of a laboring woman. My goal is for a carrier to feel supported during their birth experience and feel empowered to give birth and parent this new baby confidently. I see my job as well done if they feel in control of the situation around them. Birth can be a calm and incredible experience - one that a carrier will remember for the rest of their life and my role is to do the best I can to ensure that is a positive memory. This happens through communication, patience, relaxation techniques, positioning, massage and managing discomfort as they progresses toward the birth plan they and their partner want for their family.

I'm very happy to meet families before they settle on which doula is best for them. My primary concern is the well-being of the parent. While I am trained in labor and birth, a partner knows the carrier best of all and together I can help them work as a team so that the birth of their child is a memorable event. It's important that families understand that I know how important this experience is for both (all) of you. I'm there to help, guide, and support both of you.


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“Susan helped me remember things I have medically trained to know about but forgot because I was trying to focus. She is now a part of our family and our hearts.”

Bianca Logan

"Susan was a great resource and helped me talk things through so I could feel confident in the choices I was making."

                    Emma Young

“Susan gave incredible guidance and we are very grateful she was present during the birth of our daughter.”

Lauren Manero

"Motherhood is your journey with your children"
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Susan Jaciow

1376 Via de los Reyes
San Jose, CA 95120


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